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Fireside Chat with Bahram Akradi: Founder, Chairman, and CEO -Life Time

Join us for a fireside chat with Bahram Akradi, the visionary leader behind Life Time, the renowned Healthy Way of Life Company. With over 30 years of experience building the premier healthy lifestyle brand, Bahram will share invaluable insights into Life Time’s journey, from its humble beginnings to its current status as a comprehensive lifestyle brand. Discover how Life Time’s holistic approach to wellness, resilience during challenging times, and unwavering commitment to creating exceptional experiences have driven its remarkable success in helping people live healthy, happy lives. Gain practical strategies and inspiration for embracing a healthy way of life in your own business endeavors.

Tia White: Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Executive

In the last 3 years, the amount of data we have readily accessible has grown over 1600x. To that end, we are unleashing the power of generative AI and large language models, or LLMs, allowing companies to quickly deliver solutions such as text or image creation with very minimal data required. 

Join Tia White, an AI & ML Executive, as she explores the transformative potential of generative AI and large language models in business optimization. Discover practical applications and suitable use cases for both generative AI and traditional ML, empowering you to implement AI strategies effectively within your organization. Gain actionable insights from Tia’s expertise as an Applied AI executive, navigating the rapidly evolving landscape of artificial intelligence. Leave with a deeper understanding of AI’s role in driving innovation and growth in your business.

Chad Foster:  Author, Harvard educated Executive Dealmaker, Billion$ Generator.

Join Chad Foster, renowned Author and Harvard-educated Executive, for a captivating keynote that will leave you entertained, inspired, and empowered. Drawing from his own journey of going blind at 21-years-old and facing seemingly insurmountable challenges, Chad shares powerful insights on how to shift from a victim to visionary™. Through his compelling story, Chad teaches how to cultivate resilient mindsets, adapt to change, and set ambitious goals with the right mindset for success.

More than just a motivational talk, this program equips you with practical tools and inspiration to overcome adversity and create a promising future. Join Chad Foster on a transformative journey from victim to visionary™, and discover how to connect inspiration to implementation in pursuit of your goals.

Jack Daly: Owner and CEO – TRX®

Join us for a compelling session with Jack Daly, CEO of TRX® and seasoned Wall Street veteran, as he shares his remarkable journey from investor to entrepreneur. With a diverse background spanning Mechanical Engineering academia to 25 years on Wall Street, Jack brings a unique perspective on the convergence of finance and fitness.

During this engaging discussion, Jack will address pressing questions about the parallels between financial investing and pursuing a healthy lifestyle. Drawing from his experiences, he’ll debunk the notion of “get rich quick” and “get healthy quick” schemes, emphasizing the importance of consistency and commitment for long-term success.

Delve into the lessons learned from Jack’s tenure at TRX®, where he navigated risks, embraced new directions, and led the company to global success. As someone who has transformed good businesses into great ones for over 25 years, Jack will also offer invaluable business advice and key messages for outdoor industry brand leaders in the room.

Scott Staff: Business Development Director – Perkins Coie

Steve Meineke: Outdoor Industry Expert & Former CEO/President of KEEN, Specialized, & Nordic

Join us for an insightful discussion on the future of retail and commerce in the outdoor industry, hosted by Perkins Coie. Scott Staff, Business Development Director at Perkins Coie, will lead the conversation with Steve Meineke, renowned outdoor industry expert and former CEO/President of KEEN, Specialized, and Nordic.

In this engaging chat, Scott and Steve will explore the headwinds and challenges facing retail and commerce in the outdoor industry, particularly in relation to inventory management. Drawing from their extensive experience and expertise, they will offer insights into the shifts and trends expected to shape the future of the industry.

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable perspectives on navigating the evolving landscape of outdoor retail and commerce, and uncover strategies for success in the face of challenges and opportunities ahead.

Doug Baker: Chief Strategy Officer – Shift Active Media

Join Doug Baker, Chief Strategy Officer of SHIFT Active Media, as he unveils insights from a comprehensive multi-market study covering the US, UK, and key EU markets. Doug will employ a data-driven approach to decode the differences and similarities between cyclists and outdoor enthusiasts, examining how these characteristics vary across different markets and genders.

Drawing from bespoke research, proprietary data analysis, and qualitative insights, Doug will delve into the nuanced behaviors and preferences of these consumer segments. Importantly, he will elucidate how brands and organizations can leverage these insights to enhance their connections with both new and existing consumers.

Celia Camargo: Director of Community & Purpose – GU Energy Labs

Kate Veronneau: Director of Women’s Strategy – Zwift

Michelle Duffy: Senior Marketing Director of Events and Retail – Life Time Inc.    

Nicole Handel: Director of Digital Brand & Consumer – Mammut Sports Group, Inc

Moderated by: Rachael Burnside: Head of Marketing & Growth-Shift Active Media

Join us for a powerful Uplift Live Panel featuring key female leaders in the cycling and outdoor industries. Led by Rachael Burnside, Head of Marketing & Growth at Shift Active Media, this panel will delve into how we can collectively support women in our industries and inspire the next generation of female talent.

Celia Camargo, Kate Veronneau, Michelle Duffy, and Nicole Handel will share insights and experiences on the challenges facing female talent retention and strategies for encouraging diversity and inclusion. They will also present findings from a bespoke research project that gathers insights from global industry leaders, shedding light on the importance of diverse recruitment and representation.

This session will spark vital discussions about women’s representation in the outdoor industry and explore the growth opportunities inherent in fostering diverse company cultures. Join us as we celebrate and amplify the voices of women in our industries, creating spaces where every perspective is valued and celebrated.

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